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Genesis - Bernard Beckett When I started reading this book, I wasn't quite sure I would like it, - I bought it as a kindle daily deal because it seemed kind of interesting - but i found my self liking it more and more as I read and loving it at the end. The story is about Anaximander's examination to get into the Academy. Throughout her examination, the reader learns about the society that she lives in (the future) as well as how the previous society fell. Gradually, the reader finds out more and more information about a story that shaped Anax's society - the legend of Adam and Art - ending with a shocking twist. The ending definitely took me by surprise and made me consider the entire story in a new light. Overall, I really enjoyed Genesis. It's a lot more intellectual than the books I normally read, but it made me consider things I've never given much thought to while still providing an intriguing story.