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Slide (Slide, #1) - Jill Hathaway I got this as a kindle daily deal and I've been wanting to read it for a while, but I kept putting it off. After finally reading it, I enjoyed it quite a lot. The story is gripping and kept me guessing who was responsible for all of the deaths. I really loved the characters and how they all interacted. It was very realistic even though the idea of "sliding" isn't. I was a little disappointed by the end, what with Zane dying and not being able to tell Vee the truth and then not getting a full resolution with Rollins (I really just wanted them to get together in the epilogue rather than just have him come over), but, overall, I really liked the concept of sliding AND AT THIS VERY MOMENT I JUST SAW THAT THERE IS A SEQUAL AND I AM GOING TO BUY IT RIGHT NOW. Ok, so the ending was fine then because I'm sure everything will end up great in the next one. Wow, I could've sworn that the title did not have (Slide, #1) next to it yesterday. Off to read Imposter!