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Raven - Lauren Oliver I am seriously a sucker for these Delirium short stories, especially when they're always about such interesting characters! Raven gave so much insight into her character. Even though she's present in the other books, you don't get to see much of her past. In the short, you find out about when she first came to the Wilds, how she met Tack, and what happened when she rescued Lena and Julian. This story, for me, gave Raven a more human side - her suffering was more evident. It brought back all my Blue feels though. And then (Requiem spoiler)SHE'S PREGNANT AND THEN SHE DIES. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME LAUREN OLIVER. WHY. Seeing her relationship with Tack was super sweet though. It was hinted that they were romantically involved throughout Pandemonium but it was finally said outright. Tack and Raven are definitely my new otp. Raven was probably my favorite out of all the Delirium short stories, but that's probably just because Raven is my favorite of the three characters I've read so far. The shorts definitely add a lot to these characters when thinking back to the books.