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Beautiful Creatures (Caster Chronicles, #1) - Kami Garcia,  Margaret Stohl This book pulled me in from the second I started reading all the way until the end. Even though my initial thought of the book, based on the synopsis and the movie advertisements, was that it was simply a love story about a Caster and a normal boy, once I started reading, I realized how wrong I was. The mystery aspect of the book really kept me enticed and anxious to find out the secrets behind Lena's family. I, also, really enjoyed the characters, especially nearing the end. Ridley and Amma really became fuller characters at the end of the book (in my opinion). Ridley showing real emotions during the balcony scene pleasantly surprised me. Also, Amma's reaction to Macon's death really broke my heart. I'd love to read a story about the two of them when they were younger. Overall, I really loved Beautiful Creatures. It was unlike anything I've ever read before and gave a really interesting twist on witches.