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What Really Happened in Peru (The Bane Chronicles, #1) - Cassandra Clare I absolutely LOVED this story. I mean, normally in TMI/TID we only get one sassy warlock, but this one had three - THREE SASSY WARLOCKS! What more can a girl ask for? The stories and essentially all the dialogue were hilarious and despite all the humor, the story also provided further insight into Magnus as a character (well, for me at least). The only thing that I wasn't *thrilled* about was the ending. My initial reaction to the end of this was something along the lines of: "WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE?!?!", but after putting more thought into it, it actually seems pretty appropriate. I seriously cannot wait for more of The Bane Chronicles and hopefully more Ragnor Fell, who may actually be sassier than Magnus.